My Own Pet Reindeer Readies for the Holiday Season

The My Own Pet Reindeer is already preparing for the 2011 holiday

season. The reindeer pet balloon is an uplifting way to celebrate any holiday party and a delightful way to brighten any child?s day. ?This adorable walking pet balloon is strong, helpful and loves reindeer games.

Learn more about the Reindeer My Own Pet Balloon.

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My Own Pet Balloon is Best of Both Worlds

?If there are two things my daughter loves, its dogs and balloons? says Laura from New Age Mama in her review of My Own Pet Balloons.? ?Combine those two things and you have one very happy toddler.?

My Own Pet Balloon Retriever


Laura goes on to discuss her family?s experiences with

the My Own Pet Balloon Golden Retriever.

As soon as it got here, I pulled out the leftover helium from our last birthday party and inflated it so it would be ready when my daughter woke up from her nap. You should have seen her eyes widen when she saw her balloon pet.? She was soooo excited! The balloon is weighted down by the cardboard paws, so it doesn’t float away. But the helium gives it a little bounce so it looks like its actually moving its legs when you pull it on the lease. My daughter loved it, and so did our pet Golden Retriever.

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My Own Pet Balloon Elephant is Center of Attention

Alena, from One Day At a Time, recently provided her girls with a new, fun pet:? the My Own Pet Balloon walking elephant balloon.? The girls, says Alena, ?were so excited to start taking care of it.? They groomed it, and played with it, and then started taking turns walking it across the living room.?


My Own Pet Balloon Elephant


?They thought it was so funny when it bobbed up and down following behind them? Alena continues.? ?They took turns walking it over and over and over again.?

When Alena held a Back to School Tea Party a couple weeks late her girls decided that the My Own Pet Balloon Elephant ? named Ellie – needed to be part of the

special occasion.? ?[T]he girls decided that Ellie would make the perfect table centerpiece.? It had been a little while since we got him, so we didn’t know if it would float, but most of the helium was still in the balloon!?

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Seeing Double with My Own Pet Golden Retrievers

Janine, owner of Twofer Mom recently introduced two new pets into her family and her two girls ?squealed as they walked the pets out of the store.?

When they arrive back home their

walking dog balloons ? named Honey and Goldie ? were filmed for a video located on the Twofer Mom website.? Soon everyone is seeing double!? ?They?re so cute? says Janine, and ?they?re so quiet. ? (end of the quote? Quiet?)

The girls demonstrated how they loved to walk their new pets as Janine described their experience getting the pet balloons filled.? ?Everybody was stopping and asking us where we got them.?

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Founder of My Own Pet Balloons Partners with Canines for Disabled Kids

Treb Heining of My Own Pet Balloons ? along with burton + BURTON, the nation?s largest distributor of balloons and other gift items ? has created a partnership with Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK). CDK is an ?organization dedicated to connecting children with disabilities to canine-assistance programs, in order to help raise awareness and funds for the over 10,000 children in need.?

Whenever someone purchases a My Own Pet Balloon online ( a portion of the proceeds will go to CDK and their work with disabled children.

?Among the most magical words of childhood are ?let’s pretend,’ ” says Heining. Now a desire to pretend with a My Own Pet Balloon can also be a desire to help


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My Own Pet Pigs Need Love Too

Robyn, of Makobi Scribe, recently reviewed My Own Pet Balloons by providing her daughter with the My Own Pet pig balloon.

?[S]he named it Andy? says Robyn about the My Own Pet Balloon pig, ?and [she] proceeded to walk it around the house, feed it and even put it in for a nap.?

Robyn goes on to discuss their newfound for this special pet pig.? ?I love to see her use her imagination, she puts it to bed at night, reads it a story

and even pretends to brush its teeth.? I love how the feet are designed to weigh down the balloon so it walks just like a real pet would, it comes complete with a leash.? She has loved balloons since she was little, she is now 4.? The worst part about having balloon as we all know is that they eventually lose their air and fall to the floor.? I love the fact that this one can be re-inflated so we can keep it around for a long time to come.? The seams are reinforced for longevity.?

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Georgia Governor and My Own Pet Balloon Celebrates Balloon Month

Robert and Maxine Burton, owners of My Own Pet balloon distributor burton + BURTON, were presented with an

official proclamation from Georgia Governor Nathan Deal ?on September 01, 2011.? This proclamation seeks to recognize and celebrate ?Balloon Month.?? A couple of My Own Pets made a special appearance at the presentation.

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My Own Pet Balloon and Balloon Month Proclamation


My Own Pet Balloons and Balloon Month Document

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My Own Pet Pointer Dog Gets Lots of Love and Attention

In a recent review of My Own Pet Balloons the owner of Arizona Mama shares her son?s experience with the Pointer dog balloon from My Own Pet Balloons.? ?After receiving it in the mail we went to the party store to add the helium and bring him to life? says Arizona Mama.? ??At the party store Jayden walked him to the cashier to pay and he loved it.? He was talking to his dog, petting him, and telling it, “come on doggie.”? “its ok”? “we have to pay then we go home.”? He was petting it and laughing.?

Soon other people began to pay attention to the My Own Pet Balloon. ???Everyone in the store noticed it and asked

how much he was.? I explained that I didn’t buy him there, but online.? Some people asked for the website including the cashier who plans to get one for her daughter.?

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Time to Walk the?.My Own Pet Dinosaur

?[M]y kids love to put the dogs on leashes and take them for walks? says Katie of Mommy Katie in her review of My Own Pet Balloons ?but our dogs are not little dogs.?? According to Katie their dog Chloe is a rather large dog that ends up taking the kids for a walk ? instead of the other way around.

When Katie gave her son (a ?dinosaur fanatic”) a My Own Pet Tyranosaurus Rex dinosaur balloon he decided to take it for a walk.? ?My son loves his T-Rex that he can take for walks? says

Kaite. ??The legs are slinky like so they can easily bounce around and walk with your kids. My son loves having a dinosaur that he can walk around the park. I think it is funny because when he takes his MyOwnPet Balloon Tyranosaurus Rex for a walk at the park, the other kids have to come and see what it is and watch him walk it around!!?

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My Own Pet T-Rex Learns to Wrestle

Alicia from The Mama Report recently

reviewed the Tyrannosaurus Rex My Own Pet dinosaur balloon with her sons and she shared her experiences with her readers.

The review begins by Alicia mentioning their desire to have a puppy for her boys at some point in the future.? In the meantime, the My Own Pet Balloon seemed like a perfect substitution for her situation.? ?We do plan on owning living, breathing puppy some day? says Alicia.? ?Obviously, this was not that day.? Our new pet? ?A Tyrannosaurus Rex.? First he was named T-Rex, then Charles, then Fido, ??I?ve lost track of what his current name is.? I hope this isn?t an indication of how this process will go when we bring home a puppy.?

Alicia goes to explain the durability of their My Own Pet Balloon as her boys do not shy from physical interaction.? ?My boys love their pet? she says ?But they also love to beat him up.?? Our poor pet has taken a lot of abuse in the last number of days. My four year old son, who is also part pro wrestler, has done a series of moves to poor T-Rex that would leave others shriveling in the corner.?

And how is the Tyrannosaurs Rex My Own Pet holding up?? ?I?m pleased to report that our pet is holding up very well.? I hope this too, is not an indication of what they will do to a puppy.?

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