My Own Pet Balloon Elephant is Center of Attention

Alena, from One Day At a Time, recently provided her girls with a new, fun pet:? the My Own Pet Balloon walking elephant balloon.? The girls, says Alena, ?were so excited to start taking care of it.? They groomed it, and played with it, and then started taking turns walking it across the living room.?


My Own Pet Balloon Elephant


?They thought it was so funny when it bobbed up and down following behind them? Alena continues.? ?They took turns walking it over and over and over again.?

When Alena held a Back to School Tea Party a couple weeks late her girls decided that the My Own Pet Balloon Elephant ? named Ellie – needed to be part of the

special occasion.? ?[T]he girls decided that Ellie would make the perfect table centerpiece.? It had been a little while since we got him, so we didn’t know if it would float, but most of the helium was still in the balloon!?

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