My Own Pet T-Rex Learns to Wrestle

Alicia from The Mama Report recently

reviewed the Tyrannosaurus Rex My Own Pet dinosaur balloon with her sons and she shared her experiences with her readers.

The review begins by Alicia mentioning their desire to have a puppy for her boys at some point in the future.? In the meantime, the My Own Pet Balloon seemed like a perfect substitution for her situation.? ?We do plan on owning living, breathing puppy some day? says Alicia.? ?Obviously, this was not that day.? Our new pet? ?A Tyrannosaurus Rex.? First he was named T-Rex, then Charles, then Fido, ??I?ve lost track of what his current name is.? I hope this isn?t an indication of how this process will go when we bring home a puppy.?

Alicia goes to explain the durability of their My Own Pet Balloon as her boys do not shy from physical interaction.? ?My boys love their pet? she says ?But they also love to beat him up.?? Our poor pet has taken a lot of abuse in the last number of days. My four year old son, who is also part pro wrestler, has done a series of moves to poor T-Rex that would leave others shriveling in the corner.?

And how is the Tyrannosaurs Rex My Own Pet holding up?? ?I?m pleased to report that our pet is holding up very well.? I hope this too, is not an indication of what they will do to a puppy.?

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