My Own Pet Balloon is Best of Both Worlds

?If there are two things my daughter loves, its dogs and balloons? says Laura from New Age Mama in her review of My Own Pet Balloons.? ?Combine those two things and you have one very happy toddler.?

My Own Pet Balloon Retriever


Laura goes on to discuss her family?s experiences with

the My Own Pet Balloon Golden Retriever.

As soon as it got here, I pulled out the leftover helium from our last birthday party and inflated it so it would be ready when my daughter woke up from her nap. You should have seen her eyes widen when she saw her balloon pet.? She was soooo excited! The balloon is weighted down by the cardboard paws, so it doesn’t float away. But the helium gives it a little bounce so it looks like its actually moving its legs when you pull it on the lease. My daughter loved it, and so did our pet Golden Retriever.

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