My Own Pet Pointer Dog Gets Lots of Love and Attention

In a recent review of My Own Pet Balloons the owner of Arizona Mama shares her son?s experience with the Pointer dog balloon from My Own Pet Balloons.? ?After receiving it in the mail we went to the party store to add the helium and bring him to life? says Arizona Mama.? ??At the party store Jayden walked him to the cashier to pay and he loved it.? He was talking to his dog, petting him, and telling it, “come on doggie.”? “its ok”? “we have to pay then we go home.”? He was petting it and laughing.?

Soon other people began to pay attention to the My Own Pet Balloon. ???Everyone in the store noticed it and asked

how much he was.? I explained that I didn’t buy him there, but online.? Some people asked for the website including the cashier who plans to get one for her daughter.?

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