Time to Walk the?.My Own Pet Dinosaur

?[M]y kids love to put the dogs on leashes and take them for walks? says Katie of Mommy Katie in her review of My Own Pet Balloons ?but our dogs are not little dogs.?? According to Katie their dog Chloe is a rather large dog that ends up taking the kids for a walk ? instead of the other way around.

When Katie gave her son (a ?dinosaur fanatic”) a My Own Pet Tyranosaurus Rex dinosaur balloon he decided to take it for a walk.? ?My son loves his T-Rex that he can take for walks? says

Kaite. ??The legs are slinky like so they can easily bounce around and walk with your kids. My son loves having a dinosaur that he can walk around the park. I think it is funny because when he takes his MyOwnPet Balloon Tyranosaurus Rex for a walk at the park, the other kids have to come and see what it is and watch him walk it around!!?

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