MyOwnPet Balloons Featured in Parents Magazine

My Own Pet Balloons was recently featured in the December

2011 issue of Parents magazine as one of the coolest accessories for the holidays! ??With MyOwnPet Balloons, the article declares, ?your child will have a blast taking her new refillable BFF for a ?walk? on its adorable dangling legs.?


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Tis? the Season for MyOwnPet Balloon

With the holiday season just around the corner many are scrambling for great gift ideas. One woman describes why a MyOwnPet balloon is a great and affordable holiday present.

?I have been on the hunt for stocking stuffers and recently I had the opportunity to try

one of the fun balloons from MyOwnPet balloon. I had seen these before and always thought they would make great gifts so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try one out!?

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MyOwnPet Great for Both Boys and Girls

From ponies to puppies this reviewer loves the fact that MyOwnPet Balloon offers a lot of variety for the little ones.

?MyOwnPet Balloons offers 28 different animal balloons to choose from, with their newest being the Reindeer. I chose a

T. Rex Pet Balloon for my little one, he loves dinos.?

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MyOwnPet Balloons vs Real Pets

Marianne Szymanski, from, recently featured on the Fox6 morning show gives some great advice for MyOwnPet owners.? She also describes why MyOwnPet is a great alternative for those parents not ready for a real pet and for those parents? with a real pet but want some great toy tips!


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MyOwnPet Balloon Entertains

A recent review from a stay at home mom shows why MyOwnPet Balloons can be useful for both parents and children

around the house.

One Scrappy Mom writes, ?If it entertains them and keeps them busy for any significant amount of time, it?s money well spent. I am not by any

means saying that I don?t want to entertain them or play with them because I do, but there are those moments, like when I am making dinner, that I really just need them to occupy each other and play.?

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MyOwnPet Balloons Help to Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

My Own Pet Balloons were mentioned in the November 2011 edition of Nashville Parent

in an article exploring some ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.

?How about holding your

own Macy?s Thanksgiving Day parade?? they suggest to those readers looking for ways to celebrate some Thanksgiving fun at home.? ?The new MyOwnPet Balloon line is an endearing assortment of 27 different animal balloons that you inflate with helium.? The attached ?leash? allows kids to walk their ?pets??.?



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My Own Pet Balloons are Perfectly Unique

?Children love balloons? states Erika from Musings From a Stay at Home Mom. ?With all shapes and sizes and colors and even types of balloons, the fun can be endless.?? Erika decides to explore this endless fun that comes from balloons by reviewing some items for the MyOwnPet Balloon catalogue.

Erika, and her children, soon welcomed the St. Bernard, Golden Retriever and the Purple Elephant into their family and they quickly learned discovered the unique

fun that comes from My Own Pet Balloons.? ?My kids have had so much fun with their new animals and I have to say I?m pretty impressed with how sturdy these balloons are? says Erika.? ?MyOwnPet Balloons is a fantastic gift for kids?.? If you are looking for a unique gift for a child in your life, this is the perfect idea!?

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Everyone Loves Balloons

Jen, from Sweep Tight, recently reviewed MyOwnPet Balloons and the power of balloons.?? Jen chose to review one of our Shiba-Inu balloons knowing that this choice would ?make her smile from ear to ear!?

?Some of the first things I noticed,? said Jen, ?were the color quality, awesome

details, and the overall quality construction of the balloon itself.?? Jen proceeded to have her new walking pet balloon filled with helium generic viagra and shared that ?at least 4 people asked me where I got the ?adorable balloon.??

Jen gave the My Own Pet Balloons a ?total thumbs up? and said they have ?all pros and no cons!?? After all, says Jen, ?everyone loves balloons.? It doesn’t matter if you are young or just young at heart, male or female, balloons just make people happy!?

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Celebrate Halloween with MyOwnPet Balloons

As demonstrated in

this recent report from Baton Rogue Parents Magazine

My Own Pet Balloons are a perfect accessory for Halloween outfits. ?Click here to learn where you can purchase one of these walking pet balloons in your local area. ?Have a happy and safe Halloween!


MyOwnPet in Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

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MyOwnPet Balloons Pleases Animal Lovers

In a recent review of My Own Pet Balloons for Real Moms Real Views Amanda informs her readers that she ? and her family ? simply love animals.? ?My children are animal lovers? she begins.? ??They are constantly asking for all different types of animals; falling in love with almost every animal they come across!?

Amanda decided their household didn?t need any more ?live? animals so she considered how ?MyOwnPet Balloons would be a perfect alternative? to all the responsibilities that come with a live animal.

Her children would appear to love these walking pet balloon alternatives.? Amanda goes on to say

The balloons filled easily and oh my goodness, the kids were so excited when they saw their balloon animals come to life! We chose the Golden Retriever and Shetland Pony Balloons and let me tell you, they are adorable with their little animal legs and fun animal bodies! The kids have had a blast ?walking? them, playing

with them, and yes,

even riding them any chance they get! The balloons are so well made, holding up well through all the play dates with the kids! MyOwnPet Balloons have been a wonderful addition around the house?.

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