MyOwnPet Balloons Pleases Animal Lovers

In a recent review of My Own Pet Balloons for Real Moms Real Views Amanda informs her readers that she ? and her family ? simply love animals.? ?My children are animal lovers? she begins.? ??They are constantly asking for all different types of animals; falling in love with almost every animal they come across!?

Amanda decided their household didn?t need any more ?live? animals so she considered how ?MyOwnPet Balloons would be a perfect alternative? to all the responsibilities that come with a live animal.

Her children would appear to love these walking pet balloon alternatives.? Amanda goes on to say

The balloons filled easily and oh my goodness, the kids were so excited when they saw their balloon animals come to life! We chose the Golden Retriever and Shetland Pony Balloons and let me tell you, they are adorable with their little animal legs and fun animal bodies! The kids have had a blast ?walking? them, playing

with them, and yes,

even riding them any chance they get! The balloons are so well made, holding up well through all the play dates with the kids! MyOwnPet Balloons have been a wonderful addition around the house?.

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