My Own Pet Balloons on the Today Show!

My Own Pet Balloon?s were featured on not one -? but two TODAY Show Segments this week.



Dog Walking Segment:

Correspondent Sara Haines sets out into the streets of New York City to learn how to become a dog walker. Little did she know, dog walking can be a very difficult and exhausting task. Tanner, the founder of Puptopia, eases Sara into the realm of dog walking with one black lab named Bear. After proving that she could handle Bear, Tanner pushes the limit and has Sara walk five dogs at one time! Sara?s pup pack has a hard time coordinating their movement together. Gradually, Sara?s pack of five returns back to just one pup – Bear. Following Puptopia protocol, Sara writes a note to Bear?s owner explaining the fun day they shared together. Lastly, Tanner evaluates Sara?s overall performance and determines that she needs additional

practice on group dog walking. He hands her several My Own Pet Balloons to help her prepare for future dog walking.


Kathie Lee & Hoda Segment:

Sara returns to Kathie Lee & Hoda to introduce her friends from the dog walking segment. Naturally curious, Kathie Lee and Hoda ask Sara who are buddies are. She replies, ?these are My Own Pet Balloons?. Sara also speaks about the price, where you can purchase them, how many different kinds there are and how fun they can be for all types of ages. She even gives her opinion on her favorite balloons.

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