My Own Pet Balloons: No Messes!

?We had seen MyOwnPet ? balloons at the store and my little guy age 2 had been lusting over them for quite some time? says a reviewer for 2 Kids and a Coupon.

When the reviewer received the My Own Pet St. Bernard dog balloon she watched as her ?little guy? interacted with the dog.? ?While the balloon was pretty much as big as he is, he walked it around the house faithfully for weeks, fed it snacks?. and I can tell you from experience w/ the torture my little guy put his through — they’re also pretty darn tough.?

Perhaps the reviewer?s favorite observation is how their My Own

Pet Balloon was different than a real dog.? My Own Pet Balloons ?offer kids a whole menagerie of pretend pets that are lots of fun without peeing on your carpet.?

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