My Own Pet Balloons Are Made to Last

Colleen recently discovered My Own Pet Balloons and she discussed her experiences on her blog Finding Our Way Home.

In her post ?MyOwnPET Ballons are so adorable? Colleen reveals the appreciation that she ? and her girls ? discovered as a purple My Own Pet elephant balloon came into their family.? Colleen goes on to highlight the longevity of their new pet balloon.? My Own Pet Balloons are ?made to last,? Colleen declares.? ?They can be inflated at most florists, party and gift stores and many supermarkets and, in the event they become soft over time, they can be refilled.? I simple brought mine to the gift store in town and

for less than a dollar was able to get it filled.?

Click here to read the review and enter for a chance to win a My Own Pet Balloon of your choice.


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