My Own Pet Balloon Sparks Imaginations

Aly, from Seventeen Sires, recently reviewed the My Own Pet Balloons (Panda) with her niece and nephews and she shared her experiences with her readers.

?My niece and nephews were really excited to play with the My Own Pet Panda? Aly begins.

The great thing about them is that each balloon ?walks? differently. The legs have these thicker cardboard ?feet? to keep them grounded, like I mentioned. A Panda would appear to walk, a duck would appear to waddle, and a pony would appear to gallop. They each took turns playing with the Panda and were very excited about it, too. My niece, who is 3, is just learning about different animals, so this was a cool way to teach her about

a Panda.

Aly ends with a glowing review of the My Own Pet Balloon.? ?I think these would be perfect gifts for children who are especially excited about animals. The My Own Pet balloon definitely sparked my niece and nephews imaginations.?

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