My Own Pet Balloon Meets the Town

Sometimes when you get a new pet you want to show it off.? Kathryn from Mommy Kat and

Kids recently had an opportunity to do just that with her My Own Pet Balloon.

?On Labour Day, our town has a large yearly fundraiser complete with kid?s activities, live entertainment and so much more? Kathryn begins. ??Since there are always helium-filled balloons at the event, I decided to take the MyOwnPet Balloon to the park to fill it up and see what people thought.??? Her boys took turns walking their My Own Pet Dachshund dog balloon while onlookers took notice.? ?The comments we got about our MyOwnPet Balloon came continually. Parents were pointing the balloon out to their children and some kids just had to come pet the balloon!?

Kathryn ends her review of the MyOwnPet Balloon with a caution about leaving the balloon in hot weather and then sums up her experiences.? ?Overall, our MyOwnPet Balloon was a huge hit, both with our family and with everyone else that saw it. It?s the perfect hassle-free way to give your child the fun of having their own pet, and the reaction the balloons receive is absolutely priceless.?

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