Associated Press Explores the Life of the Founder of My Own Pet Balloon

Treb Heining, founder of GlassHouse Balloon Company and creator of My Own Pet Balloons, was recently discussed for an article written by the Associated Press.? The piece, entitled ?When the balloons inflated, so did a man?s career? features Heining?s love for balloons and the many successes that were a result of his passion for these wondrous helium-filled orbs.

Heining?s enthusiasm for balloons began at 15 when he obtained a job selling balloons on the streets of Disneyland.? The article discusses his contributions to Disneyland including the idea to create the popular ?ear-shaped balloons of Mickey Mouse that bob magically for weeks inside the even bigger, round-shaped balloons.?? This outer balloon is known as the glasshouse balloon.

The article goes on to chronicle his talents with balloon decorating for celebrity parties including the world?s first balloon arch. ? Heining was doing a celebrity party for ” Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman, in 1979 when he built a huge archway of balloons over the backyard tennis courts. She posed for a picture under it and suddenly everybody seemed to want one.?

Treb ?The Balloon Man? Heining would soon evolve to become the ?go-to guy? for balloons.? He has rained down millions of balloons for Super Bowls, Olympic Games, presidential nominating conventions and countless public events.

Last, but by no means least, the article highlights Heining?s creation of My Own Pet Balloons saying ?more recently he came up with pet balloons, those Mylar jobs you see kids proudly ?walking? on leashes all over shopping malls.?

“I guess you can say I didn’t come very far. I’m still in balloons, the same thing I was when I

was 15,? Heining jokes.? ?But we’ve kind of pushed the boundaries a little bit.?

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