A My Own Pet Balloon Gift Idea

Noelle ? of Jumpin Beans ? had a chance to review the My Own Pet Balloons for her readers and she provided them with a great My Own Pet Balloon gift idea.

Noelle, and her son Broxton, first

reviewed the My Own Pet penguin balloon ? whom they named Penny Penguin.? ?[Broxton] played and played.? He took it for a walk around the house.?? He sat down and played with it…? says Noelle.

Noelle went on to share her idea for how one could gift a My Own Pet Balloon.? ?[T]his would be PERFECT to send to someone who just had a baby and has an older child.?? You know, instead of the normal balloon arrangement that some send…Send this instead and that way the older sibling has something to play with.?

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