Inspire Your Child With A My Own Pet Balloon

My Own Pet Balloons were featured in a review by Cassie, from the blog In Random. Cassie received the pony and the reindeer just in time for Christmas as a surprise for her little girl. She loved that these toys helped to inspire imagination and creativity in children, unlike some of

popular video games. Cassie was quite impressed with the construction of the balloon, ?The balloon is made quite well and has welded seams that help it stay inflated. I honestly thought the first time my daughter went to hug the balloon, it was going to be a goner, but it has held up to her hugging, kissing, and yes she even nibbled the reindeers tail,? she said. Cassie was thrilled to have such a fun and creative toy for her daughter on Christmas morning she even thought of getting one for her husband to keep at work to remind him to relax and have a little fun.


To read the full review of My Own Pet Balloon, check out In Random.

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