Zebra Balloon

zebra balloon
Zebra Balloon
PERSONALITY: A bit crazy sometimes and really, really friendly with my best friends
SIZE: Up to 770 pounds
LIKES: Eating grass
FAVORITE THING TO WATCH ON TV: Old black & white movies

Zebra Tales

I am a Zebra and I?m often confused for being a horse with black & white stripes.? While I do look a lot like a horse, I really don?t like it when people try to ride me. I?d rather take a walk or run with my friends.

My stripes help me to hide behind tall grass during games of hide-and-go seek.? I can also see and hear things very well which means I can quickly find all of my zebra pals when I?m the one who is ?it.?

I love to go running and sometimes I even run in zig-zags.? Want to go running with me?