Features of Trademark Template

The TradeMark template is design for the simple creating of corporate or personal websites that can be customisable by simple changing of several settings to create professional websites with unlimited colors. You can set the light or dark page style and create many combinations of this template.

  • Universal Design:Two Column Template, One Column Template
  • Elegant Transparency Styling
  • Light & Dark Color Variants
  • Main Colors by Colorpicker:Header, Slider buttons, Toolbar, Navigation, Main, Footer, Titles, Links, Background + pattern or image
  • Sliders on Any Page:Promote Slider with Buttons, Cycle Fullsize Slider with Many Efects, Custom Image
  • Easy Administration & Installation
  • Usefull Shortcodes

The template is designed by the consideration to use for standard website requirements that could carry out many of your needs. The main feature of template is high level of modifications and variations that you can set by using of many usefull shortcodes and create interesting combinations. We prepared some color modifications of homepages to present what you can reach by Colorpicker Settings in combination with our shortcodes and widget settings:

Sliders on Any Pages or Posts

You can use the 3 types of sliders to make your website attractive. We prepared Promote slider with three buttons, Cycle slider with many effects and settings to controll the timing and static Custom Image. The examples of eache one are here:

Promote Slider

This slider includes the three buttons to emphasize some services you want to present to visitor of your page. Slides and Buttons can be modified by several settings:

  • Title : picture title & Button Name
  • Short description : Button description
  • Image URL : Slider image
  • Icon URL : Icon in Button
  • Description : Long description in toolbar
  • Image Link : Link on slider image & button

Cycle Slider

Cycle slider is the fullsize element with a lot of effects and possibilities to controll the timing. You can set Effect, Speed, Timeout or Delay. This is the list of possible effects:

  • Cover
  • Fade
  • Scroll Up
  • Scroll Down
  • Scroll Right
  • Scroll Left
  • Turn Up
  • Turn Down
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
  • Wipe

Custom Image

You can use the custom image to make the page header more attractive to visitor. You can type some description or title visible in the toolbar, too.

Global Settings

Finally you can use comfortable global settings to set layout of your website that you can colorize by several colorpickers. The preview of the admin pannel for General and Appearance Settings of TradeMark Template is here.