Care & Feeding

Hi, I?m your very own ?MyOwnPet.? I can?t wait to play together and am looking forward to lots of good fun! Here are a few helpful hints about taking care of me.

Bringing Me To Life:
I love helium! It?s a special air that makes me float and you can find it for me at most supermarkets in the floral department. Or, you can go to your local party store or florist. Tell the people who work there to use the same valve used to inflate foil balloons. They?ll know what to do!

Making Me Last:
Once I?m filled with helium, I can play with you for weeks and weeks or even longer! If I get a little ?soft,? just take me back for some more helium. This helps keep me floating behind you!

Taking Care Of Me:
Sharp things and really hot places are bad for me. If you take me for a ride and leave me in the car, please make sure the windows are rolled
down a little bit?just like you would with a live puppy or kitty. When you take me from a warm place to a very cold place, I might get a little soft. But once you bring me back to a warm place, I?ll puff up again almost like magic! And always remember: hold me tight if it is very windy outside or I could blow away. Oh no!

Download the Pet Care Feeding Insert Pdf